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Their mission isn’t over. Neither is ours. Donate to
Sentinels of Freedom today.

    • Memorial or Honor Gift

      A meaningful way to appreciate someone special. On our donation form designate a person who you would like to remember the life of or recognize an accomplishment of a friend or family member. Designate your honoree here.

    • Retirement Plan Donations

      Make a life-changing difference for injured veterans by donating retirement funds (such as an IRA, 401k, or 403b) to Sentinels of Freedom. Check with your tax advisor.

    • Bequest

      By naming Sentinels of Freedom as a recipient of cash, securities or property in your will or trust you can leave a lasting legacy. Contributions can be set up for a percentage or specific dollar amount or as the residual of your estate.

    • Affinity Programs & Co-Branding

      Working with companies and organizations that share our passion for helping injured veterans is easy. Sentinels of Freedom has partnered with corporations in social media challenges, dollar for dollar matching campaigns, as well as hat and t-shirt co-branding opportunities. Let us know how we can work together.

    • Corporate & Foundation Grants

      Each year, Sentinels of Freedom proudly receives significant support from different types of foundations. If your company has a foundation or charitable giving division, you can make a huge difference in a wounded veteran’s life by giving to Sentinels of Freedom.

    • Matching Gifts

      Many employers offer matching gift programs. Most will match contributions dollar for dollar and some even more. Contact your HR department today to find out if your company has a program that can double your gift.

    “Sentinels of Freedom empowers me to achieve the many
    goals I set for myself.Your mission inspires me
    to continue to serve in any way I can.”

    Venol Raymond

    Staff Sergeant US Army, BA International Studies