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Our Story

Sentinels of Freedom is a community of patriots focused on “filling the gaps” for severely wounded, post-9/11
veterans as they journey from the military, to school, to successful self-supporting citizens.

The idea for Sentinels for Freedom began with our founder, Mike Conklin, whose son Kris was wounded in Iraq. While visiting Kris in the hospital, Mike spoke with others who were also wounded. He realized the tremendous physical and emotional hurdles these war torn men and women were facing when transitioning back to civilian life.

Thus began Mike’s work. Currently two programs cover much of the support “gaps” encountered by these injured veterans. We call our program participants “Sentinels” in honor of their sacrifice in guarding American freedoms.

Today, all across America, Sentinels are pursuing higher education. The gaps filled by Sentinels of Freedom programs include housing and living subsidies, financial coaching and mentoring, career transition assistance, networking opportunities, and more.

We at Sentinels of Freedom consider it a responsibility to support these men and women who have experienced such hardship in service to our country. Please join us as we aim for victory, one Sentinel at a time.