At this time, Sentinels of Freedom is evaluating the support currently being provided to ensure we are meeting the greatest needs of our veteran population. During this evaluation period, our application window has been closed for the Spring 2024 window. The current schedule listed below will reopen once this process has been completed. To receive notification of this update please complete our Contact Form to share your interest in future notifications.

Sentinels of Freedom has two application windows:

Window #1 (for fall semester): Nov. 2nd – June 1st.
Decision notification will be made in late July for August start.

Window #2 (for spring semester): June 2nd – Nov. 1st.
Decision notification will be made in late December for January start.

Application may be submitted at any time, but will only be reviewed after the stated deadlines for the respective windows.

If you are just starting your educational journey, we recommend you apply for the window that aligns with the semester you will begin school. I.E. If you start in Fall, complete the Fall Application by the June 1st deadline.


  • Authorization for Disclosure
  • Request for Information Packet- Personal & Military Information, including housing, education, and injury information
  • Personal Statement outlining education, career, and personal goals
  • Financial Worksheet
  • Photograph & Video Release
  • Two Photographs
  • DD 2-14 (Only Member 4 Form will be accepted)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • College Transcripts, if applicable
  • VA Rating Statement
  • Background/ Credit Report

“There are no words for how thankful myself and other veterans are. I think there’s a lot of veterans who when they get out, they feel like we get given the GI Bill and then that’s it. But it’s not, and that’s because of the support of Sentinels of Freedom and the people that share the same support for veterans.”

Ashley Bigalke

U.S. Navy, Bachelors of Psychology from San Diego State University