As citizens of the United States, we have a deep respect and admiration for our brave service members. They answer the call and run into danger to protect our freedoms. When they have finished their active duty and return home, the transition from military life to civilian life can be jarring. Additionally, it can come with complex difficulties that family members who haven’t served in the military may not understand.

This is where Sentinels of Freedom can help. A component of our Bridge for Education Program is a veteran’s transition assistance program that can help your loved one who has recently left from service transition smoothly back into their life at home while they focus on achieving their higher education goals.


Our veteran’s assistance program focuses on helping wounded veterans who have returned home find hope, healing, and personalized care. We offer empathetic and goal-centered advice to help them be self-sufficient and productive members of society as they return to civilian life.

Sentinels in our Bridge for Education Program are focused on achieving their higher education to find their purpose in civilian life and a new meaningful career. As they work through their schooling, our organization may provide them with financial education, mentoring services, career advice workshops, and the resources they need to succeed.

For veterans who are severely wounded, we take extra care to help them understand the accommodations that are available to them that will help them have an enriching experience as they work through school and build their careers.


To learn more about our program and to donate to our non-profit organization, contact us at 925-380-6342. Help us to show appreciation to our brave veterans by donating or inviting your loved ones to apply for the Bridge for Education Program. Apply Here