At Sentinels of Freedom, we are committed to empowering severely wounded and injured post-9/11 veterans during their transition into civilian life. Through personalized and comprehensive support packages tailored to each veteran we provide guidance in pursuing higher education and establishing fulfilling careers, facilitating their seamless integration into society and self-sufficiency.

Bridge for Education

Sentinel’s Bridge for Education provides resources that allow post 9/11 veterans with a VA disability rating of 60% or higher to focus their attention on their studies, career, and family knowing they have a caring team to back them up.

Educational Support and Tutoring

Student veterans are a unique population, with unique needs. In recognition of this fact, Sentinels of Freedom works with institutions of higher learning and corporate partners to help develop, launch, and provide materials for Student Veteran Resource Centers (SVRC’s) across the country.


Mentors are an integral part of the educational and professional journey. Sentinels are paired with a mentor who can share information about their career path, provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling.


Sentinels of Freedom was established to meet an entirely new underserved population. Our mission is to assist severely wounded or injured, post-9/11 veterans in their efforts to become productive and self-sufficient members of their communities as they transition back to civilian life.

We call our program participants “Sentinels” in honor of their sacrifice in guarding America’s freedoms. Each Sentinel receives the support of a case manager who identifies their most essential needs and then arranges for the support and the services required to fill in the gaps that might otherwise make the dream of higher education and a significant post-military career impossible 

Our customized, multi-year program called Bridge for Education complements the veteran’s drive, motivation, and positive attitude and gives support ranging from financial coaching, mentoring, transition assistance and access to other resources needed as they face numerous challenges in recovering their health and returning to civilian life.

When the Sentinel is ready to graduate, Sentinels of Freedom sets them up with a mentor who can provide them with the perspective and practical tips needed to thrive in their career. Over time, these mentors may become a veteran’s lifetime friend. 

Sentinels who have excelled in our program share that they appreciate that receiving support from Sentinels of Freedom is not a handout, it is an investment in them which we believe will benefit their communities and the nation.

Sentinels of Freedom considers it our national responsibility to support these men and women who have experienced such hardship in service to our country.