Many veterans experience difficulties when transitioning back into civilian life. Our Sentinels have the additional burden of being severely wounded, which often prevents them from doing what they did in the military or other physically demanding jobs. As they struggle to overcome their injuries it can be difficult for them to envision a rich and fulfilling life.

Sentinel’s Bridge for Education provides resources that allow Sentinels to focus their attention on their studies, career, and family knowing they have a caring team to back them up

Sentinels of Freedom supports our veterans with a well-rounded, all-encompassing program catered to their specific needs. This may include financial coaching, mentoring, networking, and overall guidance. 

Each Sentinel must have a VA disability rating of 60% or higher and have been wounded or injured in a combat or training-related event
post-9/11 and be committed to pursuing their higher education.

The Sentinel’s Bridge for Education program is comprehensive, multi-faceted, and based upon each individual’s needs. As our veterans move through school, ongoing assistance is provided in the way of mentoring, life skills coaching, career development and networking, budgeting, financial planning, and more.

Throughout the multi-year program, each Sentinel receives a case manager who helps guide them throughout their entire journey. With check-ins during the year, they address any potential roadblocks to ensure a continued road to success.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, supporters, and corporate sponsors, the personal sacrifices made by these heroic men and women were not in vain. Their dreams of meaningful employment and self-sufficiency will be met.

Sentinel’s Bridge for Education provides support to veterans completing their higher education. This comprehensive multi-year program guides their journey to success in the following ways:


Mentors are an integral part of the educational and professional journey. Sentinels are paired with a mentor who can share information about their career path, provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling.


Case managers support our Sentinel’s educational journey in line with their capabilities and goals. Sentinel’s Bridge for Education helps by connecting Sentinels with local and national resources, networking opportunities, and encouraging them to connect with their Student Veteran Resource Centers. As challenges arise, case managers are able to assist Sentinels in navigating toward a solution.


Sentinels of Freedom encompasses a range of services designed to help veterans transition into civilian careers seamlessly. These services may include personalized resume building, interview preparation, and skills assessment, tailored to highlight the valuable experience gained during military service. Additionally, job assistance programs connect veterans with employers who prioritize hiring from this dedicated pool of individuals. Furthermore, they may provide access to education programs, like UDEMY, to enhance existing skills or acquire new ones, ensuring veterans are equipped with the tools they need to excel in their chosen field. 

Our Bridge for Education program complements the veteran’s drive, motivation, and positive attitude. When the Sentinel is ready to graduate, Sentinels of Freedom sets them up with a mentor who can provide them with the perspective and practical tips needed to thrive in their career. Over time, these mentors may become a veteran’s lifetime friend.    

A typical Sentinel has been in our program for four years. 

Year 1: Sentinels develop plans (personal, educational, and financial); enroll in college or a certificate program; and connect with a volunteer financial coach.  

Year 2: Sentinels maintain academic enrollment; pursue internships and professional development opportunities (w/mentors).  

Year 3: Sentinels continue school; pursue internships and professional development.  

Year 4: Sentinels continue completing their degrees; receive career transition assistance; receive a resume review, job interview preparation and financial planning assistance. Sentinels use their network and SOF’s network to begin a new, meaningful career


Post-graduation, Sentinels may continue to receive support, networking, and career assistance; remain engaged through social media and staff correspondence.

“Post-service, the thought of obtaining an advanced degree while working full-time to support a family seemed out of reach. I am so thankful for the day that I was introduced to this program, and the amazing men and women that make it all possible.”

Sentinel Ben Bentley

U.S. National Guard, Masters of Intelligence and Security Studies from The Citadel Military College