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Be A Mentor

Be A Mentor
The Sentinels of Freedom program is about so
much more than money.

As our severely injured veterans embark on their journey to civilian life, they’ll be
guided by mentors who will help them see, prepare for, and then conquer goals
they face along the way — including a few that might have looked insurmountable
at first glance.

From deciding which degree or job to shoot for, to learning tactics for financial
stability, mentors in this program help Sentinels put the pieces together as they
navigate this next, new, and exciting phase of their lives, one victory at a time.

Contact us if you are interested in being a mentor.

"I discovered that being part of a team is what made me successful in the military. Now post-military, Sentinels of Freedom is the team that will help me achieve my future goals."

Sentinel Derek Auguste
U.S. Army, Bachelors of Political Sciences from University of Miami