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Wounded Veteran Mentoring Support Program

As a veteran-owned and -operated non-profit organization, Sentinels of Freedom understands the difficulties our brave veterans face when they return to their civilian life. It can be difficult to find someone that understands their unique struggles and the complexity of the transition process from active duty to daily responsibilities of life at home.

Wounded veterans that have returned from service deserve the respect and assistance they need to succeed. Our wounded veteran mentoring support program was designed to connect our veterans with a successful mentor that they can turn to for help.


Having a good mentor in your life can make all the difference in your confidence, goals, and self-worth. Wounded veterans are no different, and Sentinels of Freedom wants to give our brave soldiers the same opportunity to succeed.

That’s why we pair our veterans with a personalized mentor that they can turn to for help with transitioning back to civilian life and succeeding in their education and career. If you are a wounded veteran who is ready and capable of providing this type of mentorship to a fellow veteran, you can easily apply on our website.

No one deserves to be without a friend, and our mentoring support program can provide veterans who have returned from active duty with the support that they need. Our mentors will help them set goals to apply for different levels of education and prepare them to enter the job market as they find fulfillment in their civilian life.


If you would like to apply for our program or become a mentor, fill out our online form or give us a call at 925-380-6342 to learn more about how our mentor program can help. Take the necessary steps today to connect with a friendly mentor and find fulfillment in daily life at home.