Sentinels of Freedom invites corporations to embark on a partnership in hiring veterans and sponsoring our Bridge for Education program. With our proven track record, Sentinels of Freedom stands as a beacon for organizations seeking to make a lasting difference in veterans lives. By joining forces, corporations can tap into a network of dedicated professionals all while benefiting from the organization’s extensive reach and influence.

Through collaborative endeavors, Sentinels of Freedom and its corporate partners can forge a path towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous future, creating a legacy of meaningful impact for generations of veterans to come. To join us in this extraordinary journey towards supporting our military veterans in becoming productive members of the U.S. labor force contact us at [email protected].

“This amazing program has afforded me and my wife the opportunity to go back to school and pursue meaningful careers. Our family is forever grateful.”

Sentinel Andrew Leavine

U.S. Army, Bachelors of Educational Studies from Saint Leo University