Christian Redmon

Sergeant, U.S. Army
Juris Doctorate – Comparative Law, Louisiana State University

As a freshman in high school, Christian remembers watching the events of 9/11 unfold in his classes throughout the day and knew from that moment he would join the military to help do his part in finding those responsible for the attack on our Nation and bringing them to justice. Following graduation, he joined the US Army and completed two combat deployments, one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. Christian left the military in 2014 with a culmination of injuries as a result of both deployments that were not properly diagnosed until his medical discharge.  To this day he suffers from pain and stress on his knees, back, and hips, as well as difficulty breathing which makes it difficult to maintain proper physical health and at times, has led to mental health issues. 

The desire to serve continued after his military service which led Christian to pursue his Juris Doctorate in Comparative Law where he studied both common and civil law systems. He learned about Sentinels of Freedom through fellow Sentinel, Christopher Lamy when they connected at the Student Veterans Center and was accepted to the Bridge for Education program in the Fall of 2019. With the support of SoF, Christian received financial support which allowed him to focus on his studies and accept an internship with the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office. He also received financial coaching and was connected to ACP for a mentorship which proved to be extremely helpful and assisted in finding opportunities closer to him. Following graduation, Christian was hired as an attorney with Morris &Dewett in his hometown of Shreveport Louisiana. Since his graduation, in May 2021 he has already accepted opportunities to share what the support he received meant to him with other LSU students and continues to offer support to incoming Sentinels.