Jeramiah Wegner

SSG, U.S. Army

SSG Jeramiah Wegner was born and raised in Naples Florida. After graduating Naples High School in 2008 he immediately enlisted into the United States Army. Having had an older brother in the army since 1997, he knew exactly what he wanted to sign up for: Infantry. His older brother’s tales of the invasion of Iraq had made an impact in his decision; he let it be known that being an infantryman was the life that he wanted.

After completing basic training, Infantry training, and Airborne School, SSG Wegner arrived to the Ranger Indoctrination Program (now Ranger Assessment and Selection Program). Upon graduation SSG Wegner was assigned as a grenadier to Delta Company 2nd Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment in Ft. Lewis Washington. Shortly thereafter he was deployed for his first of six deployments (Iraq x 1/ Afghanistan x 5.) By the end of his third deployment SSG Wegner had attained the position of Fire Team Leader and decided to make the lateral move to the Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition platoon.

While on his fourth deployment in Afghanistan, during a kill or capture night time raid, SSG Wegner was engaged by the enemy from a nearby rooftop. The night’s events led to SSG Wegner and three of his fellow Rangers being awarded the Purple Heart. SSG Wegner was also awarded the Bronze Star for Valor for engaging the enemy and providing first aid to his fellow Rangers after receiving a gun-shot-wound to the right leg.

After 6 ½ years of service to 2nd Ranger Battalion, SSG Wegner honorably discharged from the Army and was accepted into Columbia University in New York City. He is currently working towards a degree in Sustainable Development with a concentration in Business Management with the career goal of consultancy and non-profit organizational management.

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