Captain, U.S. Army
Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard University JFK School of Government

Harp graduated from West Point near the top of his class and subsequently completed both Ranger and Airborne training. During Harp’s second deployment to Afghanistan, his team was ambushed by Taliban forces. The improvised explosive device (IED) that initiated the attack tore off his right leg and severely damaged the other. After months of recovery, he became the first infantry officer to return to combat with an amputated leg. He continued to serve his country for an additional 5 years! He left the Army to pursue his higher education goals.
Harp graduate from Harvard University JFK School of Government working towards his Masters of Public Administration with the goals of becoming a Foreign Service Officer working in the international policy arena. While looking for ways to help pay for school his friends, and now fellow Sentinels, Matt White and Wayne Waldon told him about SOF and encouraged him to apply. The living and housing subsidy provided by SOF has enabled Harp to focus on his rigorous course load and follow his dreams.
He started his career following graduation at Facebook as an Escalations Manager, but has since made a career move to Google as a Product Manager and is now living in Tennessee with his family.