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Mari Geronimo

Mari Geronimo

Specialist, U.S. Army
Bachelor’s Degree in Health Information Technology at California College

Mari was born in the Philippines but moved to San Diego at 26 and enlisted in the Army a few years later.


While conducting a deployment training, Mari was hit in the head by a large steel pipe causing a severe concussion. She did not want her injury to hold her back, so she deployed to Iraq later that same month. During that deployment — just two days after President Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden — Mari was diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder.


Mari contacted Sentinels of Freedom (SOF) for help in her transition to civilian life. SOF provided Mari with financial and personal support and connected her with a financial planner.


Mari earned her bachelor’s degree in health information technology at California College. Like a lot of wounded veterans, she is hoping to serve her community.


Mari has two sons who are also part of her motivation to pursue her dreams.