SOF Organization,

I would like to begin by saying “Thank you” for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a great organization, you all have been amazing. The support you all have given not only me but as well as my family is a blessing. Of course, the financial subsidy of this program is great, but just knowing the fact that if I or my family needed anything, my case manager or a member was just a phone call away. I am truly grateful for that and grateful to now say I am a SOF alumnus.

My time with SOF seemed to have flown by so fast, but I will say I really appreciated how smooth of a process it was from beginning to end. I also appreciated my case manager for constantly checking in on me just to make sure all was well and remind me that she was always available for any resources or questions I may have. That was helpful since I was just transitioning from active duty to civilian, it gave me some peace of mind in case I had questions that I had forgotten to ask prior to retiring.

As far as my plans now that I have graduated, I am currently looking for employment in hopes to be starting this journey soon in this new career path I have chosen. I will also be taking some certification courses to beef up my resume and at some point in the next 6 -12 months, I plan on pursuing my Master’s degree in Cybersecurity. Thank you again for all the support through my transition and educational journey.

Alfredo F. Gaitan Jr