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We eagerly look ahead, I am thrilled to announce that Season 2 of our podcast is set to kick off in early 2024. We have more stories to tell, more insights to gain, and more connections to forge. But in the meantime, I encourage each one of you to take a moment to revisit the episodes from Season 1 that you may have missed. The wisdom, the courage, and the shared moments of triumph over challenges are waiting for you to experience once again.

As we reflect on the incredible journey of Season 1, we’re reminded of the power of storytelling and the strength that comes from sharing our experiences. This podcast has become more than just a series of episodes; it has evolved into a community of listeners and supporters who share a deep respect for the wounded and injured veterans we support and a commitment to ensuring their success stories in their transformation from the miliary to civilian life is heard far and wide.

Here at Sentinels of Freedom, we understand how difficult it may be to return to civilian life after sacrificing your own in the line of duty. We also understand how this challenge can be amplified when you return home injured. That’s why we created our injured veteran podcast—to provide a platform for veterans, where they can feel supported and understood as they settle back into their new environment after the challenging experiences they endured during their honorable service.

Our mission is to help post-9/11 veterans who have been severely wounded to become productive members of their communities. We’ve already helped over 700 injured and wounded warriors achieve success with the help of financial coaching, mentoring, transition assistance, and housing and living subsidies. Our podcast is just one piece of this mission.

Want to tune in? You can listen to our podcast on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more, completely free of charge. With our wounded veteran podcast, you’ll hear inspiring stories, helpful insights, and a compassionate community dedicated to wounded veterans. We’ll be here to support you and provide encouragement every step of the way.

Become Part of the Mission

At Sentinels of Freedom, our mission is to assist wounded veterans in finding their own path to a fulfilling life after their military service, and our success in accomplishing that mission does not go without appreciation to our generous donors. Our Bridge for Education program would not have been possible without their support, and that support allows the veterans we have sponsored to focus on their careers, studies, and family.

If you’d like to lend monetary support to help make a difference in the lives of our veterans, donate today. We accept one-time and monthly donations via our donate page. If you cannot make a donation, you can still support our veterans by sharing our podcast on social media or with an injured veteran who may benefit from the uplifting and inspiring conversations that take place there. Join us in making a positive impact in the lives of those who sacrificed for our country today!