Manny Mendoza


Sgt. Manny Mendoza was born in Los Reyes Mexico, at the age of three moved moved with his family to Boonville California.

Following a year of college, he enlisted in the United States Army and went to boot camp at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri in 2000. After completing his training as a 21B, Combat Engineer, he was stationed at many different stations around the country and the world. In 2004 while being stationed at Fort Irwin CA, he was deployed to Iraq as part of the 58th Support Squadron to help out the 10th Mountain Division in their operations.

During operations in Iraq, on October 4, 2004, patrolling the streets of Sadr City his M113 Armored Personnel Carrier was hit by IED. Due to Sgt, Mendoza being the track commander and being standing received the full force of the blast which caused his right leg to be crushed and his left being amputated above the knee. After receiving first aid by the medics he was air lifted to the forward hospital. While in surgery his left leg was amputated at the hip and was cleared to be sent to Germany before being finally being sent to Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment.

After a year of recovery he was released with the aid of the Sentinel’s of Freedom and moved to California.

Sgt. Mendoza is now a full time employee at AT&T as an engineer and still attends classes to finish up a degree in Business Management and spending time with his family and friends.

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