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Kyle Garcia

Kyle Garcia

Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from San Francisco State University
Juris Doctor from School of Law at the Washington University in St. Louis

Kyle enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17. His interest in serving his country was not surprising given that his grandfather, his four uncles and a sister have all served in the military.


Kyle deployed to Iraq twice, the second time as the only Marine scout sniper in his company. During his third deployment, this time to Afghanistan, Kyle was leading a dismounted patrol when a pressure plate improvised explosive device detonated under his left foot. The blast amputated his left leg and severely injured his right leg. Still, he remained conscious and coordinated his own medical evacuation. Kyle retained command of his squad until support arrived. After multiple lifesaving surgeries, Kyle returned to the US, where he received physical therapy treatments.


Kyle spent over a year recovering from his injuries in the hospital. While there, he met with Sentinels of Freedom (SOF) Chairman and CEO Mike Conklin and joined the SOF program. While in the hospital, Kyle attended night classes and earned an associate’s degree before he medically retired from the Marine Corps.


SOF financially and personally supported Kyle through his journey. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from San Francisco State University and is currently attending the School of Law at the Washington University in St. Louis. SOF connected Kyle with mentors during college and before he moved to Missouri to help him with the transition.