The two years of graduate studies were incredibly challenging; I cannot imagine attending graduate school if I had to endure, on top of the mentally demanding course work of the degree plan, the financial challenges many have to face while pursuing an advanced degree. Samantha’s ongoing support and prompt response were without a doubt most beneficial while enrolled in the master’s program. She made the transition back into the academic world seamless.

The plan was to move to the D.C. area with hopes of becoming a policy analyst at the federal level. Samantha connected me with several key players in the policy arena in D.C. However, I pursued a federal position in Arizona and still making a significant impact at the federal level. It has almost been a year since leaving Colorado, and I have been flourishing professionally as well as personally since my relocation. I am currently in the process of purchasing my second home.

I look forward to meeting the new classes of Sentinels and assist them the best way I can!